Empresa Servicios - Database Manager

Titulo de la Oferta*:Empleos en Empresa
Puesto Disponible*:DATABASE MANAGER
Descripción del Puesto *:The Virology and Emerging Infections Department at NAMRU-6 offering biostatistical and epidemiologic support for scientific research in Lima.
Basic Function of Position:
• Assist with database design, management and data entry, and related administrative tasks.
• Assist and support departmental personnel with study design and biostatistical analysis.
• Assist in the generation of scientific protocols to seek financial and other resources for future scientific projects.
• Assist in the production of scientific manuscripts, including consulting and participating in experimental/study design and implementation, presentation of results in both written and graphic form, and manuscript review.

Qualifications and Skills Required:
• Education: University graduate with science-related degree involving database management, biostatistical analysis, and epidemiology.
• Prior Experience: Experience with large and complex database design and management preferred, including longitudinal and spatial statistical analysis.
• Language: Level IV (Fluent) Speaking/Reading/Writing Spanish ability is required. Level II (Limited knowledge) Speaking/Reading/Writing English ability.
• Job Knowledge: Must have good knowledge of database design, management and analysis software programs such as Access, SAS, and STATA. Knowledge of reference managing software such as Endnote and graphic design software is desirable.
• Skills and Abilities: Must be able to work independently and meet deadlines. Must have the ability to interact professionally with other researchers and collaborators. Must be comfortable working in an interdisciplinary environment
Fecha*: 15 de Setiembre de 2013
Salario: -
Tipo de trabajo*:-
Solicitudes*:For complete Scope of work please contacted the following  e-mail addess: namru6.hr@med.navy.mil. Deadline for submittal of proposals is sunday, september 22nd.
Empresa ó Institución*:Empresa



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